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A collection of interesting reading

Things You Thought You Knew - Mind changers

Secular Buddhism - 2,500 years ago Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha, understood some operations of the brain that we are just now begining to comprehend. The self, science and Buddhism and My Mothers Self

Free Will - Do we have free will or is it an illusion

An interview of me by J.S.Colley

Made Of Meat - by Terry Bisson author of 'Bears Discover Fire and Other Stories'

The lead in to J.S. Colley's The Halo Revelations. The Dragon Crown can be found here.

A table of SETI Projects by Jill Tarter.

Detection Protocol Detection rules followed at SETI Net

We Must Look for Ourselves - An epiphany

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We grow accustomed to the dark

by: Emily Dickinson