A game you can play over the internet

The Game

This is a shareware package that I wrote using Delphi 4.0 and components from several sources. It allows you to play chess on a standard chess board and after each move to Cut 'N Paste the move to your mail client. You then send the mail to your opponent (in my case my son) who cuts the move into his chess board and then returns his move. Each Cut 'N Paste causes the pieces to move from start giving you a feel for the progression of the game.

Since your not sending the entire board, just the moves, the time to send the mail is tiny.

SETI Net Chess can be downloaded here .

Instructions for use:

  1. Install using defaults.
  2. Make your move (simple isn't it).
  3. Press the 'Copy To Clipboard' button.
  4. Start your email client and paste the move to the message.
  5. Send the mail to your opponent.
  6. Do the reverse when his move comes back in your email.

... or make your opponent the computer and the move happens right away.