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I keep this engineering notebook more for my own use more than for any other reason. It's invaluable when trying to find a solution to a problem I know I've solved before. You are welcome to browse though it to see what it takes to build a SETI station.

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Volume 13 Chapter 75

429 - HackRF Setup- 2019-02-13

I found the right combination for setup of the HackRF receiver.

  1. Band Width = 4 MHz
  2. LNA = 40 dB
  3. VGA = 30 dB
  4. Ex Amp = On
  5. Ant Pr = Off
  6. Display = -30 dB

This results in 31 dB gain with a noise floor of -140 dBm as shown below. It all so allows the SDR Console software to zero out the DC component in the center of the display.
The -110 dBm test signal is from a lab synthesizer

429 - Administrator permission - 2019-01-28

I keep getting this message from Directory Opus or the File Explorer.

"you'll need to provide administrator permission to delete this folder"

This is the fix.

Go to the drive that contains the file or Folder whose ownership you want to change.

  1. Right Click of mouse on that file or Folder and Choose “Properties“.
  2. Navigate to “Security” tab.
  3. Click on Edit, then click Add.
  4. Under the "Enter the object names to select box"- type "Everyone"(without quotes) and click on "Check names".
  5. Click Ok
  6. A new window will open up with Security tab- Under "Permissions for Everyone", Check mark the "Full control" option.
  7. Apply and Ok.

428 - New Project - 2019-01-01

I have the SETI Station up and running pretty well and have all but given up on the Cosmic Ray Detectors so I am moving on to the Brain. I want to build a simulated neuron mesh on an FPGA.

Its a start.