The Complete Neuron

This is the current project and is unfinished.

A typical neuron with all its component parts (Dendrites, Soma and Axon) has a membrane surface area of about 250,000 ┬Ám2. The surface area of the 86 billion neurons that make up the human brain is therefor about 25,000 m2 or roughly the size of four football fields.
This expanse of membrane constitutes the fabric of our minds.

This simulator allows you to construct an operating Neuron by dragging dropping the components onto the working area. Wire up the components by left clicking near ether end of the component. As you add components to the body plan Its name will appear in the connection list to the left. This is for reference only.

The components labeled 'Step' provide a step input current to the component they are wired to and the 'Scopes' allow you to view the voltage potential.

The complete simulator is usable now. It sometimes loses its connecting lines but a click on Refresh Connections recovers them. The lines have no function other than for your reference

Download (Windows only)


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Design Notes

These are notes to myself used during the development of the simulator

Dispatch Step to Dendrite

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