Engineering Notebook

Table Of Contents

Volume 14 From January 2020 to 2021

  • Finishing up SETI software
  • Changes to the Neural Simulator.
  • Start of HDF5 conversion to adapt to Delphi and eventually the SETI Net search algorighm
  • SETI Net Decommisioned 2021-12-04

Volume 13 From January 2018 to December 2019

  • Moving to the Neuron simulator and Neuron Lab and Delphi Error E1026
  • Wrap up odds and ends like com ports and HackRF setup
  • Audio problem (now fixed)
  • Mechanical problems with antenna rotor
  • HackRF setup in SDR Console

Volume 12 From January 2018 to December 2018

  • Compiling a 'C' program and testing a Delphi DLL.
  • Testing the Pixel front end.
  • Building Cubic SDR and Creating a KiCAD library.
  • Building the SETI Net Cosmic Ray Pixel
  • Reworking the Head End Electronics

Volume 11 From January 2017 to December 2017

  • Building CubicSDR with Visual Studio 217
  • Rebuilding the WAMP server and redirects
  • Passing strings in 'C' to a dll
  • Working on AnvetTest Spectrum Analyzer
  • Freezing Spec Ana
  • HackRF Albatross
  • Image refresh in HTML
  • Passing Strings to DLLs
  • Multiple Table Joins
  • SDR Console I/Q Problem
  • Un-Mangling C++ Dll
  • SDR Console setup for SETI
  • Threads in Delphi by Marting Harvey
  • Creating a DLL in C++
  • Latest Software Release
  • Interfacing SDR Console with SETI

Volume 10 From January 2016 to December 2016

  • More Moving to 64 bit database system
  • Another State Machine
  • Leak fix
  • Working on chirp
  • Addition of hardware mixer
  • Start up folder
  • Building Remote Objects (client/servers)
  • New signal discriminator
  • New Receiver (HackRF)
  • Running VS as admin

Volume 9  From March 2015 to December 31 2015

  • Moving to a 64 bit system
  • Suppressing PHP Warnings, WAMP Wiring the modules
  • Audio Mixer, BLOBs,State Machine
  • Start on Long Scan Mode

Volume 8  From July 2014 to March 2015

  • An example of a paradigm shift
  • Working on HackRF One
  • Comparing the Minimum Detectable Signal between HackRF One, ICOM R7000 Receiver and the RTL SDR
  • WTF is that audio spike

Volume 7  From July 2012 to May 2014

  • Learning the Arduino
  • Installing Microsoft Visual Studio
  • The Arduino Development system
  • Learning to to GET from a web site
  • Crazy Mouse
  • The Netduino
  • State machine for the Pixel
  • Dead Man for the Pixel
  • SML work for the new database
  • External database
  • Moving to Delphi XE2
  • More State Change charts

Volume 6 From December 2011 to March 2012

  • Jump Skip Logic, add Twitter Autofeed, Hunting for Birds, things that bug me and lines in the audio
  • Bird Hunt, New Signal Generator and state machine revisited
  • unCUBE dongle, Control Panel problems, Eureka Log, Dominatrix, Locked Clock, Locked WindFreak synthesizer, K6QPV beacon

Volume 5 - From March 2009 to December 2011

  • Radio Astronomy Receiver USB drivers for the HPSDR, firmware updates for HPSDR Ozy Layout pipes
  • Start of Radio Astronomy learning site
  • Total power receiver, Noise Source info., ENR, Head End Test
  • Virtual cable setup #2, Mathematica, Spec analyzer fix, Raster Scan, 2 Port Kerr
  • Buying an R7000 and fixing it, AGC disable
  • Virtual cable setup #3, BPF check, Bad LNA, Calculating LNA noise
  • L4/L5 search and crappy MySQL Workbench, ERR Diagram ,MySQL, FrontPage setup for dBase
  • Importing ActiveX controls, Delphi Components, Lohninger blow up XE, jpg Comments, IP Camera

Volume 4 - From January 2008 to March 2009

  • Gain of 180 degrees view and start of SRT Radio Telescope project
  • Noise source and decisions on user interface.  End of Paraclipse antenna.  First Sun Shots
  • Tracking down a WOW band noise spike and work on the Radio Astronomy receiver
  • Noise calibrator and sun scans
  • Elevation error problem
  • Az El motors installed

Volume 3 - From September 2006 to January 2008

  • Rebuild of the Spectrum Analyzer and the SML Generator
  • More SML, Raising the antenna
  • First signal that 'could have been' a SETI beacon
  • Stupid astronomer trick (Kitt Peak)
  • Address space calculations (12 million places to visit)
  • SET Net now running full time at full resolution
  • Major rotor repair.  System down four months.
  • Band Pass Filter and Tone Generator

Volume 2 - November 2004 to August 2006

  • OLE Server and SETI Net Clock
  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Az motor problems
  • YARR
  • LNA and known beacons
  • Distribution Amplifier and IF down converter
  • Kerr Modules and power supply
  • Lock-To-Lock logic and counter weights, Status page

Volume 1 Initial Installation 1998 to August 2004

  • Antenna and Rotor problems
  • Installation of the first receiver
  • Start of the SML language
  • Comb line filter and receiver bandwidth
  • Integration of the Sky Map and beginning of the waterfall presentation
  • An epiphany
  • More rotor repair
  • Database start