Development Notes

I maintain these notes as a reference to keep from repeating the same mistakes. They are for my benefit, but feel free to browse them.

The notes for the now complete SETI project can be found: 


Chapter 1

Using Beyond Compare, Directory setup for Genesis Simulator and Resetting Dreamweaver site. Reconnecting NAS, Body CLeaning, and stacked steps. Moving to PHPv7.2, installing the GENESIS Neural Simulator, Creating a Delphi Frame and the Damn Kaps LOCK KEY.

Chapter 2

Message to and from body parts

Chapter 3

Stopping Delphi from stepping into source code. Android phone on USB w/Catasia, and Embedding YouTube videos. Swap Ra a ToDo list. Browser Reloading and Splitting the Step for STDP. Removing password requirements and the start of HH Soma development

Chapter 4

All Art byStephan Martiniere

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