PVII Docs: Affinity + Drop Menu Magic

Thank you for purchasing PVII Affinity. Affinity includes Drop Menu Magic (DMM) so you will need to install both extensions.

Installing the Affinity and DMM Extensions

Extensions are installed using the Adobe (or Macromedia) Extension Manager.

Open the Extension Manager

You will be installing 2 extensions: p7_Affinity_119.mxp (or higher) and p7_DMM_121.mxp (or higher). ZXP format installers are also included for Dreamweaver CC (or higher).

CC users...make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest Extension Manager from Adobe's fluffy little cloud.

When the installation is complete, a dialog will inform you that you must close and re-start Dreamweaver in order for the changes to take effect.

User Guides

The product user guides are PDF documents. They are stored online so they are always completely up-to-date. Use the links below to access them. Once opened, you can read them, print them, or download them to your computer.

Affinity User Guide

Drop Menu Magic User Guide

Aditional Affinity Themes

Additional Affinity style themes are available to give you more design options.

Visit the Affinity Themes Page

Help Files

In addition to the user guides, Affinity and DMM come with live help files. To access them, open the product interface and simply click the Help button.


Tutorials relevant to your product(s) may be available. To locate tutorials, please visit the home page for Affinity:

Affinity Home Page

Support and Contact info

PVII quality does not end with your purchase - it continues with the best customer support in the business.

PVII Product Updates

From time-to-time, PVII issues product updates to address evolving trends, new browser versions, bugs, and new or enhanced features. Please visit the products update page regularly to check for newer versions of your products. Critical updates are typically announced via email newsletter so it is important not to opt out of our announcements and to let us know if your email address is changed. Announcements are sent to the email address you used when you purchased the product.

Product Updates Page

PVII Communities

PVII maintains separate and distinct Web Forum and Newsgroup communities. We do this to ensure you always have access via your preferred medium and device.

1. The PVII Web Forums

The PVII Web Forum is a modern browser-based community, accessible to both desktop and mobile devices and requires no additional software or plugins.

Visit The PVII Web Forum community now...

2. PVII Newsgroup forums

The Project VII Newsgroup is available via private and secure NNTP servers. In order to subscribe to a newsgroup you must have a newsgroup-capable client installed such as:

  1. Mozilla Thunderbird
  2. Windows Live Mail
  3. Windows Mail/Outlook Express
  4. Opera Mail
  5. Entourage

Server: forums.projectseven.com

If you have another newsgroup-capable program that you are using, please see its documentation to learn how to add a new newsgroup account.

Note: PVII newsgroups are private and have nothing to do with usenet feeds that may be provided by your ISP. That is, you will not find our newsgroups in a list of newsgroups distributed by your internet service provider. You must set up our news server as a new account.

Before you Contact us

Before making a support inquiry, please be certain to have read the documentation that came with your product. Please include your Dreamweaver version, as well as your computer operating system type in all support correspondence.



Phone hours are 9:00am - 5:00pm Eastern Time U.S.

Snail mail

Project Seven Development
339 Cristi Lane
Dobson, NC 27017

Product License

Please read the Product License.