Soma Models Simulator

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This Soma model contains the Cortex, Thalamus, Hippocampal, Basal Ganglia, Brain Stem, Entorhinal Cortex and Olfactory Bulb simulations. These all come directly from 'Dynamical Systems in Neuroscience by Eugene Izhikevich.


Download ( Windows only)


To Use

  1. Start the application. It will begin spiking as a Cortex RS neuron
  2. From the top menu select a different neuron
  3. Adjust the input current with the slider. Depending on the type of neuron the spiking pattern will change.
  4. Click the 'Status' bar on the right side. A new panel will slide out to give you access to the inter-workings of the neuron.
  5. Adjust the sliders and see the result on the spike pattern
  6. Slide the left and right points on the bottom of the display to set the start/stop point of current injection.
  7. Turn sound of/off through the Help menu.