'Sapere aude'


Blue Brain

This section collects my study on the operation of the brain. It consists of:

  1. Neuron Model - has the ability to monitor spiking events within dendrites, the Soma and Axions. It is a work in progress
  2. Soma Model - This is a completed running simulation of the operation of a single soma. You can set the input current and monitor the spiking output of a family of neuron types
  3. Dendrite Model - A Single dendrite compartment is simulated and monitored for changes due to capacitance and resistance changes. It clearly shows the time constant contribution of this body part.
  4. Neuron Papers - A collection of publications on the subject
  5. Hardware Prototype - A view of the FPGA to be used in the final version

My Brain with neurons firing.

Would you want to live in a world like this?

Guess What - its your world

Dendrites 'growing' a memory