The L4 lagrange point is a favorite hunting ground for SETI Net.

I have written about what it is and where it is here.

There have been many scans of L4 prior to the database system in use now. Some of there are here

Image file

Audio file

2012-07-21T11-45-18.JPG 2012-07-21T11-45-18.WAV
2012-07-21T11-46-24.JPG 2012-07-21T11-46-24.WAV
2012-07-21T11-47-30.JPG 2012-07-21T11-47-30.WAV
2012-07-21T11-48-36.JPG 2012-07-21T11-48-36.WAV
2012-07-21T11-49-42.JPG 2012-07-21T11-49-42.WAV
2012-07-21T11-50-48.JPG 2012-07-21T11-50-48.WAV
2012-07-21T11-58-09.JPG 2012-07-21T11-50-09.WAV
These files are not in the database but are tagged with SML so the engineering details can be recovered with the SETI Net File Manager