Gliese 3387 (HIP 29432)

Gliese 3387 is a yellow main-sequence star in the constellation Orion. At 77 light years away, it shines at an apparent visual magnitude of 6.85. The star's age is estimated to be 200 million years but is certainly no greater than 4.3 billion years. The iron abundance of Gliese 3387 is -0.11 (77.6% of the Sun). It is moving through the Galaxy at a speed of 64.4 km/s relative to the Sun. Its projected Galactic orbit carries it between 18,200 and 39,400 light years from the center of the Galaxy. It will come closest to the Sun 297,000 years from now when it will brighten to magnitude 5.58 from a distance of 43 light years.

Sky position: RA 6h 12.0m, Dec +6° 46.8'

Common designations: HIP 29432, HD 42618, Gliese 3387


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