Hits Found

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This is a map of the hits found so far by the SETI Net stations. Click a diamond, yellow or red, to see who collected it and when.


3D chart of Ra/DEC and Frequency of each hit. It shows the same hits as the Sky Map above.
You may spin this chart to get a sense of the location of each hit where:

  • X = Right Ascension
  • Y = Declination
  • Z = Frequency

More identifying information about the hit is displayed in the box directly above the chart.


What your seeing

  • Yellow triangles are the location of hits that have been falsified (found not to be ET signals)
  • Red triangles are hits that have not been falsified and require more work
  • Hits for L4 and L5 are not shown because these points move among the stars constantly

You may shut off 'Open' or 'False' using the legend (green box above)